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Algorithms are at the core of computation, their design is what makes a computer a useful and productive device, and their success has transformed everyday lives of billions around the globe. One cannot overestimate the importance of algorithms in the emergence of computer science, both as a research discipline and as the infrastructural basis of the highly influential and vibrant Hi-Tech industry.
Over the past decade we have seen computer science research branching out and influencing multiple disciplines, including Bioinformatics (with Life Sciences and Medicine), Quantum Computing (with Physics) and Algorithmic Game Theory (with Economics). The basis that drives much of this interdisciplinary research is algorithms, which can thus be viewed as the main "export" of the computer science community, with an enormous impact of influencing, and in some cases even setting the agenda of, other disciplines. We expect that algorithms will continue to be the driving force through which computer science impacts and transforms other disciplines.
The Center of Excellence in Algorithms will conduct foundational research in algorithms design, and in many of the related sub-areas. One of the main contributions of the center will be absorbing new brilliant faculty members, who will join its institutions in Israel. In addition, the center will play an important role in training new generations of outstanding graduate students, many of whom will continue to impact the Israeli industry, and will benefit from the research experience they would have gained in the center. The organization of international meetings will be an integral part of the center's activities, and they will strengthen the leading role of the Israeli computer science research
We expect that the center will have a profound and lasting impact on computer science, in general, and on the algorithm design community, in particular, not only in Israel but also worldwide.

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