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* Celebrating Nati Linial's sixtieth birthday (Dec.16-18, 2013)

Celebrating Nati Linial's sixtieth birthday:

The dates of the workshop are December 16-18, and we have a panel of 16 illustrious speakers.

 Featuring talks by Mike Saks, Jeff Kahn, Ron Aharoni, Gil Kalai, Noga Alon, Gideon Schechtman, James Lee, Bella Bollobas, Lee Tomasz, Vera Sos, Michael Tarsi, Luczak Jiri, Uri Feige, Avi Wigderson, Micha Perles and Shafi Goldwasser.

Please note that entrance is free but registration is requested.

For more information and registration details please go to:
Click here for more information.

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