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Prof. Rabani Yuval


Research Interests

  • On-line computing: k-server, file allocation, reordering buffer, randomized algorithms.
  • Network optimization: packet and circuit routing, admission control, flow control.
  • Cutting and labeling graphs: sparsest cut, multiway cut, and their relatives.
  • Resource allocation problems: scheduling, load balancing, bin packing, bandwidth allocation.
  • Sketching high dimensional data, applications to nearest neighbor search and clustering.
  • Metric Ramsey phenomena and their applications.
  • Graph decompositions, Lipschitz maps of finite metrics, and approximation algorithms.
  • Properties, applications of transportation metrics, discrete Lipschitz extension and selection.
  • Local vs. global properties of metric spaces.
  • Pseudorandom generators that fool geometric tests, explicit geometric constructions.
  • Bargaining networks.
  • Computational aspects of discrete dynamical processes.

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